neighbourly love

June 21, 2010

A couple of shots from Saturday's Modish Market at the Malvern Town Hall. Everybody needs good neighbours - and I was lucky enough to have two great neighbours on the day! 

On my left - The Tea Maiden - whose teas are simply divine. And those aprons - how gorgeous! My current obsession with aprons is still in full swing - I love, love, love the red and white floral one! 

And on my right - Green Olive Design. I was so tempted to buy that red tweed handbag on the dressmaker doll, if only I hadn't had to pay for a new battery for my car on the morning of the market I may have seriously considered it. 

And yes, I left the house before dawn on Saturday and went to start my car.... to no avail. I then proceeded to wait for the RACV to arrive - over an hour later (and very close to the time the market was starting) they jump start my car and tell me I need to go and see the local mechanic to get a new battery. What a morning! I finally arrived and was set up an hour after the official start time. I'm thinking of it as being 'fashionably late'. Hm.... 


  1. oh what lovely market neighbours you had! See you next Sunday at North Melbourne Market!!

  2. Stressful.....but all turned out okay, didn't it?

  3. Lovely talking to you on Saturday. I hope the last hour was stress free. I just love my new coin purse! I'm glad I got the orange one. I'm amazed how much it fits...
    See you on Sunday :) Kim

  4. Yes, an eventful day indeed. It was great to have you as a neighbour.


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