antique roadshow

July 4, 2010

Today N and I jumped in the car and took a road trip down the Mornington Peninsula to check out some antique stores. Actually, 'store' is not the right word. Try warehouse. Or shed. These places are huge and overflowing with vintage clothes, kitchenware, furniture and all manner of wonderful things.

How about this old washing machine? Complete with wringer on the top; no spin cycle in those days!

I always get excited when I spy vintage kitchen goods. You know how much I love to bake...

How lovely would it be to have an old wardrobe filled with vintage night dresses? So pretty! I bought a lovely white baby doll style frilly number. It will have to wait until Summer to be worn though - right now all I want are my pj's and ugg boots.

Oh, how much did I want to buy this tin? Ironically, my budget wouldn't stretch that far. Inside it had separate compartments that your money would go into. Such a clever idea! 

And this is the goat with many names, who is a resident at The Vintage Shed, where we spent most of our day (and most of our cash). 

I came away with a few other goodies - a handmade summer dress from the 1950's and some floral fabric to add to my stash for apron making. Add to this the vintage aprons I bought last week and I have well and truly had my fair share of new old things. 

I'm now off to watch Sabrina on DVD and might start the jigsaw puzzle I got today that is based on old Kellogg's cereal packet designs. Fun! 


  1. Um, so I'm always green with envy reading about your not so little shopping expeditions. Sometimes I even think that you're living my life you know. Thanks for sharing. I do rather enjoy seeing the pics post shopping trip. I hadn't heard of the Vingate Shed, so I must look it up and check it out. I did the lovely Daylesford strip today post makers market yesterday. Love that place. Love it.

  2. i feel like we're a little left out over here in the west. i'm sure there's no giant warehouses full of treasure but if someone wants to correct me, i'm all ears!

  3. it's been too long since I've headed down to Tyabb - feeling inspired to do so soon now! thanks!

  4. my Mum used to have a money tin like that! It didn't have the same design on it, but it had the divided inside and the named money slots on the lid. I used to think it was so cool!

  5. I've just trawled back through your blog looking for this entry! I've got an envelope full of birthday money and a day down Mornington Peninsula coming up. Now I have to convince my hubby, in-laws and kids that a couple hours at The Vintage Shed is the best use of our time.


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