mark it mayhem

July 12, 2010

It was a beautiful clear and calm morning as I arrived at Federation Square to set up for Mark It, a new design market that was launched yesterday.

Little was I to know that only a mere couple of hours later, all sense of calm would disappear, like an icy pole on a hot summer's day. This was the view from my stall for most of the day....

Madness! I've shopped at a market with this many people but have never been on the other side. Thank you so much to all my lovely friends and customers who stopped by during the day with kind words and offers of drinks and snacks and loo breaks : ) A big thank you to Penny from Pocket Carnival who did a lunch run for me and helped out at my stall in the afternoon. And more thanks to the girls from Notions, who were my stall neighbours for the day and helped to keep me sane, particularly in the last hour of the day! I was lucky enough to take home one of their hand printed rabbit brooches - I love it!

And this was my stall before the crowds came. It was the only time it looked this tidy - I had to breathe deeply and put my ideals of a perfectly ordered stall on hold for the day. 

I would love to be able to put my feet up today but I'm already planning for the next market - no rest at Rabbit & the Duck headquarters this week!


  1. Your stall looks terrific! It sounds like it was a great day :)

  2. Shan, it sounds like it was a fantastc and hectic day! Sorry I couldnt come along for a look, Michael said the market was a great one and Id love it! You are one clever and crafty girl! xx

  3. Your stall looks fabulous. Wish I'd been in town yesterday to make a visit. But stallholders wouldn't have appreciated me with four children in tow. Will have to Put it in my diary for next time.

  4. Yay! The market was so very crazy, but very good!

  5. Your stall looks great! I'm glad it was busy for you :)

  6. your stall looks beautiful! (pre-onslaught of money spenders).

  7. Your stall looks great! Nice and full and bright.


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