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August 15, 2010

Well it's yet another rainy day in Melbourne - a perfect opportunity to stay in and get creative in the kitchen! I have been in such a food mood recently - wanting to bake and try new recipes and stock my pantry with all sorts of new and interesting things.

When the rain momentarily stopped this afternoon I grabbed my coat, hat and scarf and went for a walk to the green grocer, where I filled my basket with pumpkin, sweet potato, ginger, and lots of other delicious vegies. I even bought broccoli. This is significant as I've never been a fan of broccoli, but lately I can't seem to get enough of it. I'm very lucky that my man knows how to cook, and cook well enough that even I, the broccoli hater, can be converted.

Anyhow, I've been chop chop chopping away all afternoon to a soundtrack of Doris Day and Dolly Parton. There is no better music to listen to while wearing a red floral apron with a wooden spoon in hand.

My first cooking project was this pumpkin, sweet potato and ginger soup. So good and warming on a chilly Winter day. 

I've just ground the spices for a vegetable and cashew nut curry I am going to make tonight. They smell so good! I love my mortar and pestle. I may have to roast some more cashews though, as the first batch seems to have mysteriously disappeared over the past couple of hours....

Happy Sunday! x


  1. That soup sounds amazing. Where is the recipe from?

  2. Yum! I want soup day. Mmm. I loooove broccoli. I usually like it the most lightly stir-fried with a teriyaki sauce :)

  3. ohhh yum ... and Dolly, gosh she's a gal! I love listening to Jolene on the train ...

  4. I love soup, this one sounds beautiful - recipe please :)

  5. The recipe is from a book called 'Wholefood' by Jude Blereau - I highly recommend it! Lots of great vegetarian, vegan and gluten free food options also.


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