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September 10, 2010

The rabbit and the duck have gone into hibernation (well, not technically, since hibernation implies a deep sleep, and there is not much sleeping going on around here, but they are definitely holed up in their cave, oops I mean, studio) to get ready for the first ever Finders Keepers market to be held next month.

Woah that was a long sentence wasn't it?

Happy weekend!


  1. I keep reading about these fantastic markets and automatically thinking "I should see if I can get into that!" Then I remember that I'm going to have a two week old baby at that point and should probably make that my priority.

    (And yes, I know applications would have closed long ago! I met someone yesterday who wanted advice about booking markets for December and was quite surprised to hear a lot would have been booked out months ago.)

  2. Can't wait!!!

    Market 3031 is also hopefully happening in December!


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