i heart: pretty vintage china

September 7, 2010

When I first moved out of home - many years ago - I bought myself a plain white dinner set from Target. It's served me well, and minus a few bowls that met an untimely fate on the kitchen floor, is still going strong. 

But as much as I love the simplicity of white, I've been increasingly drawn lately to the old fashioned beauty of all things pre-loved and pretty. I've been dreaming of cupcakes in polka dot wrappers served on delicate floral plates. Toast on a bread and butter plate edged in silver. 

I've started hunting for old china in op shops and antique stores. I was quite pleased with these lovelies that I picked up on the weekend.

Toast + tea anyone?


  1. If you don't mind paying proper money, Mill Markets in Daylesford is a china collector's dream.

  2. I love the plate on the lower left side. I spent Sunday raiding my mum's collection of mismatched cups and saucers for a tea party I'm holding in a few weeks. I think things taste better when they are on vintage china!

  3. Oooh, so do I! Teacups are my thing. Your collection looks lovely!

  4. Love these! I am exactly the same, have plain white dinner set and are craving something with a bit more of a story... You have inspired me to do something about it.


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