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November 21, 2010

Sunday. The day of rest. Or in my case, the day of laundry - groceries - blog post writing - a bit of gardening - a bit of cleaning - plus a few other random things. Lucky I have written a list. 

This past week just flew by, it was all a bit of a blur really. I remember there was lots of sewing. And a photo shoot (very exciting, more to share on this later!) and a road trip up to Olinda and then down to Mornington. In Olinda I visited the lovely Heaton & May, who are now restocked with lots of Rabbit & the Duck goodies.

Christmas is coming! I love this display in a vintage suitcase. 

Every time I visit Heaton & May there are pretty flowers on the front verandah to welcome customers.

Now, I've always thought myself to possess some ability when it comes to reading a map, as well as a good sense of direction. But driving from the Dandenongs to Mornington was an adventure that made me reassess those thoughts. Five minutes into my journey I was already lost and travelling along a windy gravel road deep in the forest. It was quite pretty though, all misty and quiet and peaceful. Anyhow, what should have been a 1 to 1.5 hour drive took me just over 2.5 hours, there were wrong turns aplenty (I lost count when I ran out of fingers) and long stretches of highway where I knew I was going the wrong way but couldn't do a u-turn (and boy oh boy, sometimes freeway exits are so far apart!).

Next week I'm heading to Geelong for the Piccadilly Market, I think I will be adding an extra hour to my estimated drive time just in case! And if I'm early, well, that's just more time to make my stall look pretty. Win win.

Happy Sunday x


  1. You can't go wrong going to Picadilly! Or then again, maybe you can.....

    I'll be in Adelaide but Nicole will be there, so make sure you drop by.

  2. Sounds like a fun day!!
    And I know what you mean with the driving/directions! I'm terrible! I used to get lost coming home from the airport...I'd always end up on quiet dirt roads by a pier & have no reception on my phone! (not as pretty as misty peaceful forests! eeeps!)
    Have a great week x


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