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November 12, 2010

Yesterday I decided I needed an 'inspiration' day. I think the pot holders started it. When R called at lunch time to suggest a bike ride down the Mornington Peninsula followed by a walk along the beach all my good intentions of doing a full day of sewing went out the window. 

It was the perfect day for getting outside - warm, not too sunny, a nice breeze. There are lots of fun things about being a bikie chick for the afternoon - getting to wear a leather jacket and shiny red motorcycle helmet, cruising down country roads at speeds too fast to mention, and feeling the wind rushing past you. The not so fun things - helmet hair, and riding past piles and piles of hard rubbish on the return trip and knowing you can't stop to pick anything up. Though I did entertain the idea of balancing a vintage suitcase on my lap. 

Our destination for the afternoon was Bushranger's Bay - this is the view from the walking track before you descend down the stairs to the beach.

The ocean was so blue! And the water was freezing - I had contemplated going for a bit of a swim but as soon as the first wave washed over my feet that idea disappeared.

I always have to take a picture of my feet. It's become a strange habit of mine. 

Today things are back to normal - a big pile of cushion covers are waiting for zips to be sewn in. Some tote bags need handles. And there is a trip to the post office later this afternoon. 

Happy weekend xx


  1. Ha! I photograph my feet too...I wander if there is a name for people like us? Lovely photos...looks like you had a great day.


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