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April 29, 2010

There's a fantastic new online source for all things eco - handmade - ethical - organic and it's called blue caravan.

"Blue Caravan is a venue for buyers and sellers of all things independently designed and ethically made. It's about lovely, interesting and edgy products - beautifully finished, made with heart, and bought directly from the designer/maker."

Rabbit & the Duck have jumped onboard and have hand-picked a selection of our favourite things, which you can find in our own little corner of the caravan. 

We're pleased to be in such good company:

something cheery for your monday morning...

April 26, 2010

What girl doesn't love being surprised with a gorgeous bunch of sweet-smelling flowers? Thank you S.

currently reading...

April 24, 2010

As the cooler days of Autumn start to descend upon us, I've found myself wanting to get into the kitchen more to try new recipes and rediscover the simple enjoyment I get from cooking a meal the old-fashioned way - with fresh ingredients, herbs from my garden, and perhaps a glass of wine in hand! 

This past week I have been slowly turning the pages of the glorious book 'the kitchen diaries' by Nigel Slater. Ah, so many wonderfully delicious things to be made! Tomorrow's challenge is the slow roasted leg of lamb with chickpea mash. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

again in daylesford

April 19, 2010

Yesterday a lovely friend and I made the trip up to Daylesford and Hepburn Springs. There was sunshine. There was singing (in the car only!). There was food. And there was the Lark shop! Allison has just finished renovating the shop and it looks gorgeous. I was particularly fond of the Cath Kidston corner. And those cakes - how sweet (no pun intended) do they look? 

On Allison's recommendation we headed down to Lake Daylesford to get in some much needed lying on the grass in the sunshine relaxation time : ) There had been mention of toadstools and I jokingly said that I was hoping for red ones with white spots. I thought they only appeared in fairytales, but no, there they were - a whole carpet of them! It was a spectacular sight and I spent a good portion of time snapping away with my camera. 

Our next stop of the day was Hepburn Springs - and in particular - Portal 108. I'm excited to announce that Rabbit & the Duck journals and wallets are now available in this lovely shop! 

I love, love, love that cushion with the girl in the red polka dot dress! Thank you Connie and Kyla - it was great to meet you both!

essential shopping companion

April 15, 2010

Things have been busy, busy, busy behind the scenes at Rabbit & the Duck! Last week we launched our new range of mobile phone pouches, and this week I'd like to introduce you to 'The Essential Shopper'.

Using my favourite unbleached linen/cotton together with 100% jute handles and some lovely patterned prints, this roomy tote features two big pockets on the outside to keep all your essentials close to hand.

The totes will be available at the Sisters Market this coming Saturday, and as a special launch offer they will be $10 off on the day! The Sisters Market is on from 10am-4pm at the Brunswick Town Hall on Sydney Road, Brunswick. See you there!

i heart: the fabric store

April 12, 2010

image credit: global fabrics

Not just any fabric store, but The Fabric Store - which has recently opened at 184 Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. 

I first discovered The Fabric Store while visiting Wellington, New Zealand (down there it is known as Global Fabrics). I popped in on a grey windy day and while inside it started to absolutely pour with rain - a perfect excuse to spend another hour or so browsing around. In the end I had to make a trip to the post office as my suitcase was already overflowing with delicious wools and lovely linens.

Today I visited the Melbourne store for the first time. And the second time. First this morning, and then again this afternoon. I snapped up a gorgeous charcoal wool/cashmere - soon to be made into journal covers and perhaps some zip pouches to keep your essentials warm this Winter. And while I'm at it, maybe some cushions as well. So many possibilities...

ring ring

April 10, 2010

Ring Ring...

Rabbit: 'Hello?'

Duck: 'Hello Rabbit! It's Duck here. I'm out and about and just wanted to call so I had an excuse to get out my brand new mobile phone pouch'.

Rabbit: 'Oh really? What's so special about it?'

Duck: 'Well, it's made from a lovely linen/cotton in a really cute print, and fits my phone snugly as it's secured with an elastic band'.

Rabbit: 'Sounds good! Where can I get one of those?'

Duck: 'I hear they will be at the Thread Den market tomorrow in North Melbourne'.

Rabbit: 'Fabulous! See you there!'

Duck: 'See you there! Bye now!'

Rabbit: 'Bye!'

i heart: a perfect autumn day

April 7, 2010

... with warm woolly socks (from here)...

... and a nice cup of tea (from here)...

... while snuggling on the sofa, perhaps with this blanket and this cushion...

... and then off to bed, who wouldn't enjoy sleeping under a blanket covered with giant pom poms? 

from one market to the next

April 6, 2010

We're at it again - find us at the North Melbourne Market this Sunday, located in the Lithuanian Club on Errol Street. We'll be there from 10am-2pm. $2 entry gets you access to over 60 stalls of local designer clothing, accessories and homewares, plus vintage loveliness and other tasty treats : )

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