heading bush

January 15, 2011

Tomorrow I'm off somewhere down Gippsland way for a week of camping. A week of living out of a tent (alas, we are not taking a pretty camper such as the one pictured below). A week of swimming in the river. Yoga in the outdoors. Singing around a campfire. A few books to read. It's been years since I've been camping and I'm both looking forward to it and feeling slightly nervous about bugs, spiders, and not being able to shower for a week. But those things are only small worries, once I'm out in the bush with space, trees, and peace and quiet they'll soon be forgotten. At least until a spider tries to crawl over me while I'm sleeping....

Flo the Camper

See you in a week!


  1. Enjoy! Don't worry too much about spiders.. it's the mozzies that are most annoying... tropical strenght aeroguard will help though! see ya!

  2. guess by the time you read this you will be back in the real world once again? safe and sound and not too traumatised by any wayward bugs? read your post and was green with envy, a week to relax and sleep under canvas, bliss...

  3. We've just returned from 10 days of camping style fun. I was so excited to put the first load of dirty, salty clothes into the washing machine.
    I love that pic. Now that sort of caravan I could handle. It would just be a case of where to fit the four children!

  4. Have fun camping! That camper is awesome.

  5. This sounds AMAZING! I am so envious - have a wonderful trip!


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