January 30, 2011

One length of fabric. So many patterns. And colours. And ways to be worn. I am loving the beauty of Indian sari's.


I've just added a couple of simple, but pretty, cotton sari's to my wardrobe. Perhaps when I master the technique of how to wear them nicely I will upgrade to a lovely silk one.

But first, time to practice, practice, practice so I don't leave the house looking like I'm wearing a bed sheet : )


  1. pretty! I've got two saris but never wear them anymore. used to wear them a bit in england, going to lots of indian festivals. it's not too hard putting one on once you get the hang of it. these days there are so many tutorials :) it also depends on the tradional styles of how to wear it, it's such a versatile piece of clothing :) good luck with the practice!

  2. Just found your lovely bloggy via the Vintage Shed, I thought I recognised some of your lovely items ~ I saw them at Heaton and May here in Olinda where we live.


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