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February 28, 2011

Oops! It seems I took a bit of an unexpected blog break - a phone cable somewhere deep underground that connects my little studio to the outside world broke over a week ago and I've been without internet ever since. Fingers crossed all will be resolved by tomorrow evening when the lovely Telstra people come out to fix it (currently I'm working from the local cafe, it's kinda nice having a change of scenery!).

It's amazing how productive I've been without the distraction of email, Facebook, Twitter, and the million and one other 'important' things I like to do online. I've been busy sewing up some things to take along to Magnolia Square, which starts this Thursday at the St Kilda Town Hall.

I also took a bit of a long weekend and headed south with a friend to spend a few days on a farm just outside of Lorne. There were zucchini's to pick (lots and lots of zucchini...), early morning walks, a drive along the Great Ocean Road, lots of good food, and a few afternoon naps. Photo's and more to come when I'm back online, I promise!

Happy Monday x


  1. Oh a long weekend away sounds perfect! The G.O.R. is such an amazing piece of coast. :)

  2. Mmmm, sounds like a lovely break! I love harvesting home grown veggies!

    I would love to make it St Kilda for the market! Can you tell me is there one good website that has all the little markets and big markets in Melbourne? I can't manage to find a good one - they are a bit scattered.

    I would love to get organised to have my own stall too - a bit of work for me to do yet to get my stock together!


  3. I think I may pay a little visit to your market in St Kilda!
    I would love to see your beautiful items up close.

  4. Your long weekend away sounds incredible! I'd love to spend some time on a farm to just unwind! <3
    And I can't believe I missed magnolia sq! I was right across from St Kilda Town hall on thurs-sat! GAH!! How did I miss that?! :( so sad
    Hope you had a great weekend


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