yurt dreaming

February 5, 2011

For the longest time I've dreamed of owning my own place in the bush. A sustainable home. With a big veggie garden. Lots of natural light. And trees.

I first heard about yurts from Penny. Since then, I've been thinking more and more about how nice it would be to live in a yurt!

A yurt is really like a big tent. They were traditionally used in Turkey and Mongolia by nomads who would pack up the yurt and transport it to their next location on the back of a camel or yak (thank you Wikipedia for this information!).

These days, there are all sorts of modern yurts out there that are designed to be more permanent structures. They are just like a real home with electricity, proper walling and flooring, and plumbing.

I think two yurts would be the way to go - one for living, and one for a studio. Yes, that sounds just perfect.

I can just imagine sitting on the deck on a lovely Summer's afternoon reading a good book...


And how lovely to wake up each morning in this room!

Now, if only I could win the lottery to fulfill this dream.....


  1. Hey Shannon, yurts are definitely amongst the most affordable homes there can be. My boyfriend and I are just finishing building our 40sqm one for just under 5000 Euros. If you buy them they're a bit more but still way cheaper than a house! and much cooler!! ^^


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