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March 28, 2011

Q: How many lollies are in the jar?
A: 310, plus 1 empty wrapper (I swear I know nothing about that).

Q: Who guessed the closest amount?
A: Amy Lee, who guessed that there were 315 lollies in the jar (Amy please check your email!).

Q: How do you put the jar back together once you've pulled it apart to get all the lollies out?
A: I'm still working on it....

Q: What am I going to do with 310 lollies????
A: There is no chance I am eating them, I ate way too many cookies on the weekend and am still coming down from the sugar rush.


  1. ohoo, that looks like so much fun! QUITE glad i don't get to eat any of them though, i can never stop once I've had one of those little bastards...oO

  2. I was so obsessed with the aprons that i didn't even notice the remiss. They like great!


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