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April 25, 2011


As the cool, crisp days of Autumn descend upon us here in Melbourne, my thoughts turn to hot cups of tea, quiet evenings on the sofa wrapped in a blanket with a good book to read or a documentary to watch, and being able to wear my favourite scarf, beanie and gloves - all at the same time.

Alas, my thoughts also turn to pesky colds and other ailments, as this morning I have woken up feeling a bit sniffly.

Last Winter I made a batch of lemon-honey-ginger syrup which kept me going all through the colder months. It's made from fresh ginger and lemons and is super strong - just perfect for warming the body and keeping colds at bay. I've just hunted around for the recipe, which I thought I would share if you would like to try some too.

Lemon Honey Ginger Syrup

750g honey
250g fresh ginger
6 lemons (or more) - juice (about 1.5 cups) and zest
2 cups of water
(These are ball park quantities so adjust them to suit your own tastes).

Grate the ginger into a large pot. Don't bother peeling the ginger, just make sure there is no dirt caught between the branches of the 'hand'. Grate finely if you would like a syrup with more bite to it. Grate coarsely if you would like a smoother, softer ginger flavour.

Remove the zest from the lemons. Coarsely chop the zest and put it to one side. Juice the lemons. Don't bother to fish out the pulp or seeds, everything will be strained in the end.

Add the honey and water to the ginger, stir until the honey is melted, and bring to a strong simmer over medium heat. If the ginger was coarsely grated, turn off the heat and let it steep for 15 minutes, then bring it back to a simmer and continue. If the ginger was finely grated, proceed immediately.

Once it simmers, add the lemon zest, give it a quick stir, and bring back to a simmer.

Immediately remove it from the heat and stir in the lemon juice.

Strain through a fine mesh strainer, pressing the pulp to get out all the juice. Bottle it and refrigerate. This recipe makes about 4.5 cups, and is best used within 3 months though it will keep for about 6 months with no problem.

To Drink:
Add a tablespoonful (or to taste) of syrup to a mug of hot water, stir and drink while still hot.


{I cannot remember where I originally found this recipe, if you have come across it somewhere please let me know and I will credit it accordingly - thank you!}


  1. Lovely! I must try this myself. Thanks so much for sharing. Loving your blog:)

  2. I do this often! Well, boil up lemon, ginger and honey anyway and have it piping hot and very strong. It's terrific stuff isn't it! I've never thought of bottling it and keeping it...good idea!!

  3. Sounds great, I will be giving it ago. As I think the winter lurgy in trying sneak up on me.

  4. Autumn? Ah yes, in Australia :-)

    Such a lovely post. I'm feeling autumny now too (even though it's summery and HOT outside)



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