April 9, 2011

Last night I discovered the joy of visiting Bunnings on a Friday evening. No doing laps around the car park trying to find a vacant spot. No sausage sizzle out the front (not that enticing to a vegetarian!). Just a quiet, empty store where I could leisurely wander the aisles and dream about the many projects I would like to do.

Today's activity was to plant some herbs and veggies for Winter. I have a tiny courtyard so finding space for growing things can be tricky. Particularly when they need a few hours of sunshine each day. I'd been noticing recently that the roof of my shed was the sunniest spot in the garden. A big flat empty space, just begging to be utilised. So today I set to work turning my shed roof into a mini garden. I filled some pots and planted some seeds - lettuces, pak choy, coriander and sage. I already have a big pot of mint so that went up there also.

In a few weeks time things should hopefully start to sprout. Until then, I thought I'd share some pretty nice rooftop gardens that I'd be quite happy with...


And how cute are these garden markers? I'd love a whole set!

Happy weekend x


  1. Beautiful idea! We are looking at turning our garage roof into a garden except I think my neighbor may not appreciate that. Take some pics!

  2. oh lovely! I've never done well with sage, but you have inspired me to try again. And I love the chest drawers/planters!
    Pepper x


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