snapshots from the backyard

May 21, 2011

Freshly washed vintage fabric - today is perfect laundry weather with lots of sunshine + lots of wind!

I was disappointed when the spout on this watering can snapped off after only a couple of weeks. But then I planted some herbs in it - I love it's new use!

Native violets, just waiting for them to flower....

My chillies are starting to turn red!

Happy weekend x


  1. Native violets... I always love seeing them appear in our yard

  2. Lovely reuse of watering can! Better snap those chillies up before the frost gets them. Booooo....

  3. wow, chilies! We use them so much for cooking, I'd love to grow some. Is it hard?

  4. Hi Yaga! The chillies were quite easy to grow, but I've been forgetting to fertilise them so they haven't gotten as big as they could have. I also had some aphids try to eat them, but apart from that, it's been good! They grow pretty quick too : )

  5. great to see you at the north melbourne market today :)

    Love the use of your watering can, so much prettier.


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