what do you collect?

May 26, 2011

Stamps, erasers, soaps.... at some stage of my life (mostly when I was much, much younger) I've collected all of these things. I remember my favourite eraser was a yellow cassette tape that I received from a boy in my 4th grade class for giving him the answer to a test question. Oh dear, did I just admit to helping someone cheat? Let's quickly move on....

Many years later and I'm still collecting. My pile of vintage aprons is threatening to take over the kitchen. And stashed somewhere at the back of my wardrobe is a big box of Peanuts comic books. I long for the day I have more space so that I can start to display my collections and perhaps start a few new ones...

Until then, I'm always interested to see other people's collections of things. Here are a few of my favourites:

{vintage pyrex}


  1. Love the pyrex! I am simplifying life and de-cluttering, so I don't really collect anything. I do love collecting fresh flowers and foliage to display around the house though!

  2. Hi, I collect TG Green - Cornishware (blue & white crockery), I do have a little collection of Japanese Masking Tape - love that stuff. That's a great collection of lunch boxex!
    My pencil case (red scooter) arrived - thanks so much!
    Have a great Friday

  3. i have a huge collection of little dishes with floral prints... i put earrings in some, some for bobby pins, some for change... they are all over the house! But i can always have more. Love the aprons x

  4. I collect yellow rotary telephones, vintage salt and pepper shakers and old keys. It's fun to collect things, isn't it?
    Pepper x

  5. I'm trying not to collect things, but sometimes it happens that you have more and more of something that you just like... it happens to me with scarves, hats, earrings and stickers ;o)

  6. i have a collection of great ideas that i never do anything with. :)

  7. That Pyrex! Wow!

    I don't have a collection. I really should remedy that soon...

  8. aprons..old glass vases...unwanted dolls..little wooden boxs....tea towels..


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