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June 24, 2011


While it's hardly beach weather in Melbourne at the moment, on Monday I am flying up to Queensland for a couple of weeks of holiday fun. Oh, and a little bit of work as well - Rabbit & the Duck will have their first market stall at Finders Keepers in Brisbane next weekend. Yay!

While I'm away I'm going to try and fit in as much beach time as possible. Before I head up to Brisbane I'll be staying on an organic farm in northern New South Wales and am already scheduling in a day trip to Byron Bay. Then I am lucky to be staying with a friend in Brisbane who lives directly opposite the beach - I am looking forward to some early morning walks each day before the market : ) After Brisbane I head north to the Sunshine Coast to visit my family - last week Mum told me she was sitting next to the pool in a t-shirt. At the time of hearing this it was pouring rain in Melbourne and I had the heater on its highest setting.

Ah, Queensland, I'll see you soon!


  1. It was nice and warm today! Looking forward to seeing your stall at FK.


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