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July 28, 2011


It's been a bit quiet on the blog recently, but for good reason - we're moving! In just a couple of weeks time we are vacating our tiny 1 bedroom unit by the sea, to set up home and studio in a lovely 2 bedroom cottage with wood floors, an open fire place, and a big garden filled with old trees (one of them has a rope ladder hanging from it - I can't wait to give it a try!). We're only moving to the next suburb so I'm really excited that I'll still be near the beach, and not too far from my favourite op shop : )

In the meantime, I am trying to sew surrounded by half packed boxes and piles of random things that I would like to sort out before the move. I'm also secretly pleased that my growing collection of vintage suitcases (7 of them, at last count) will finally be put to good use : )

In some ways I get really excited about the thought of moving - a new neighbourhood to explore, new rooms to decorate, and a chance to clear out all those things I no longer need. I just keep trying to remind myself of those things when I trip over a box, or look at the very long list of things to do before the move.

If anyone has any moving tips I would love to read them : )


  1. aaahh
    i'm in the
    same boat
    here in france
    so exciting
    but so much stress
    what to keep
    what to sling
    mess everywhere
    and work to continue
    zut alors mrs
    good luck


  2. I just moved, too! I hope your move goes as smoothly as ours did, but I hope your house works out better than ours. It so lovely, but it has a long list of maintenance/noise issues. Good luck!

  3. Thank you Linda - good luck with your move also!
    Shelia - I remember moving into an apartment once on the ground floor, little did I know there were about 8 students living in the 2 bedroom apartment above me and you could hear everything they did! And they flushed the toilet A LOT. We moved out as soon as our lease was up - it was a very long year! Hope your place settles down soon!

  4. Having just moved house (& studio) I can tell you: chuck, sell or gift to an op shop all the stuff you don't want. Don't do what I did – run outta time & pack it all & move it only to find it again at the new place & the get rid of it!! Good luck with the move – the new place sounds lovely!!

  5. organisation is the key! i've moved a lot and these days i number all boxes and write a corresponding list - yes, a little OTT but it means i can find the important stuff right away. :) moving is a great chance to cull which is always a good feeling. and i LOVE unpacking all my favourite little things and creating vignettes around a new home (before unpacking all the very boring practical stuff). good luck! most exciting!!


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