ice cream fact #1

July 7, 2011


By this time tomorrow I will be back in cold, rainy, windy Melbourne. As a final farewell to warm and sunny Queensland, this afternoon I took a walk to the local shops to get an ice cream. One of my favourites when growing up was the hava heart - who wouldn't love vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate and shaped like a heart? In my attempts to find a nice picture of said ice cream to use with this post (mine didn't last long enough to take a snap) I found out that the hava heart has been around since the 1950's, and would have set you back sixpence to buy in 1955. Ah, the good old days.... : )


  1. The Hava Heart was my Dad's favourite ice-cream too! Love them :)

  2. Even though it's so FROSTY down here and I am swaddled in hotties (water ones) and cowls and knitwear, it would never be frosty enough to decline an ice cream. Bring some warm down south, would you?


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