dreaming of summer

August 19, 2011

Now that things are semi back to normal here I'm starting to think of the Summer ahead and all the things I would love to do now that I have a back garden. Things such as plant a veggie patch. And sprawl out under the trees on a comfy blanket with a book and glass of iced tea.

Another idea that has popped into my head is to host a Summer Yard Sale. I'm imagining handmade stalls, vintage wares, general secondhand bits and pieces and of course a baked treats stand : ) With lots of bunting in the trees and lovely music playing.

Just an idea at this stage, but I've already started searching for inspiration...

Happy weekend xo


  1. It sounds like a lovely idea!

    (Of course, having organised markets before my thoughts immediately fly to public liability insurance. You'd need to keep it as a private, invited event rather than a publicly promoted thing to avoid having a stranger turn up, break their ankle, and decide it was your fault.)

  2. I hadn't thought of that! What do people do who have garage sales??? I have public liability insurance for my market stall, will have to check my policy!

  3. That would be such a fun thing to do. It sure beats the standard 'garage sale' with just the furniture and junk dragged out onto the front lawn. x

  4. Summer yard sale! What an awesome idea. Love the pics. Love the baked treats idea too. I'm all about a home baked treat! : )

  5. Sounds lovely! Summer Yard Sale sounds much nicer than a garage sale - and lots of buntings sounds great :)


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