past meets present

September 12, 2011

I love this project called 'Dear Photograph' - the idea is to take a picture of a picture from the past in the present. It is so interesting to see how things change (or how they don't change at all). These are some of my favourites:

Dear Photograph: Some things never change.

Dear Photograph: If I could turn the corner in 1942 and walk right into my mother, I'd ask her "May I walk beside you one more time?" Love, Your Daughter.

Dear Photograph: I found you in the attic when we moved in. I wonder if you lived happily ever after here.

Time to get back to the present moment... there's sewing to be done!


  1. Those are cool but the last two are also a bit eerie & spooky!

  2. ooh! love this project. saw something about it on the news recently. will have to trawl through old photos....

  3. Me too, it's just gorgeous isn't it. I would love to dig up some of our old family photos and do the same thing one day. x


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