January 30, 2011

One length of fabric. So many patterns. And colours. And ways to be worn. I am loving the beauty of Indian sari's.


I've just added a couple of simple, but pretty, cotton sari's to my wardrobe. Perhaps when I master the technique of how to wear them nicely I will upgrade to a lovely silk one.

But first, time to practice, practice, practice so I don't leave the house looking like I'm wearing a bed sheet : )


January 24, 2011

I'm back! Here's a few snaps from the week that was:

Being away from the comforts of home really makes you realise how much you take for granted - a comfortable bed, hot shower, clean clothes. It also makes you think about what is really important.... for me, it's time and space to think and slow down, time spent with friends and family, and time spent in nature. It is my goal to try to remember this always and not let the craziness of everyday life carry me away.

Time to put the billy (oops, I mean kettle) on and have a cup of tea I think....

heading bush

January 15, 2011

Tomorrow I'm off somewhere down Gippsland way for a week of camping. A week of living out of a tent (alas, we are not taking a pretty camper such as the one pictured below). A week of swimming in the river. Yoga in the outdoors. Singing around a campfire. A few books to read. It's been years since I've been camping and I'm both looking forward to it and feeling slightly nervous about bugs, spiders, and not being able to shower for a week. But those things are only small worries, once I'm out in the bush with space, trees, and peace and quiet they'll soon be forgotten. At least until a spider tries to crawl over me while I'm sleeping....

Flo the Camper

See you in a week!


January 14, 2011

After months of squirreling around in thrift stores, rummaging through tables and racks at local markets, and receiving package after package of treasures from my lovely mother, I'm finally able to reveal the purpose behind it all....

Say hello to 'The Dotty Apron' - my new label and business venture!

The Dotty Apron is your place to go for all things vintage, thrifted and vintage inspired. Think pretty aprons. Crochet doilies. Retro kitchenware. Lovely old books.

In among the vintage treats there will also be limited run handmade products using vintage or thrifted materials - stay tuned for our first range of children's cushions!

To keep up to date with our vintage adventures you can 'like' us over on Facebook.

To shop for vintage treats we have an Etsy store (more items to be added soon!).

Or to see the current range in full please visit us at the North Melbourne Market next Sunday 23 January between 10am and 3pm - there will be clothing, homewares, lovely old buttons, lots of aprons, and many more treats!

Queensland Flood Appeal

January 13, 2011

The lovely folks over at Handmade Kids together with Rudy & the Dodo have organised an online auction of handmade things with all proceeds being donated to the Queensland Flood Relief Appeal.
Rabbit & the Duck have donated one of our favourite retro inspired apple pencil cases and there are many more lovely things also up for grabs.

Bidding commences tomorrow and ends at midnight (EST) on Monday 17th January.

For more information pop over to the Facebook page!


January 11, 2011

Recently a parcel of lovely old buttons arrived in the mail, courtesy of my Mum. I love rummaging through piles of buttons, seeing all the pretty colours and imagining what the button was used for. My favourite is the tiny red one in the middle - I remember seeing this button in my grandma's collection from about 20 years ago.

I've started sorting some of the buttons and sewing them onto cards.... stay tuned for what I intend to do with them!

yellow - a vintage collection

January 10, 2011

Some current favourites from Etsy:

A pretty dress...

Some matching yellow wellies (well, you can't wear heels in the garden)...

And a pretty round mirror to check your lipstick.

Just lovely!

vintage kitchen

January 4, 2011

A bit more of a sneak peek into my stash of vintage bits and pieces....

i spy

January 3, 2011

Vintage knitting needles in every colour of the rainbow.

This is only a fraction of the collection I've been gathering over recent times...

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