2012. Simple.

January 2, 2012

Hello 2012!

Christmas has come and gone, and I am now in the midst of one of my favourite times of year - long days, warm weather, and not needing to be anywhere or to do anything in particular.

I have been wondering if it's possible to carry this feeling with me throughout the year. The feeling of taking things at their own pace. Not having 100 things on my to do list each day. Making time to do the things I love to do - walks down to the beach, tending to my garden, spending hours in the kitchen preparing and cooking a meal, catching up with friends, and generally just feeling happy and relaxed.

And I've decided that yes, it is possible - with a little practice, and perhaps a few changes to the way things are done. The key (I believe) is keeping it simple - both within and without. Keeping a calm mind - being in the moment - stopping negative thoughts in their tracks. Simplifying my life - clearing out the clutter - getting some new routines in place.

I was organising my wardrobe the other day (that's it above) and I realised that I have a LOT of dresses in there. Sure I love them all, but in honesty I have probably only worn half of them. It got me thinking about all the other stuff I have, and how necessary it is. So first on the agenda will be a big clear out. I tend to clear things out on a regular basis, but I'm pretty enthused to see just how much I can let go of this time : )

I also found this great link to other ways that you can simplify your life - the Simple Living Manifesto - I will be tackling a few things from the list once the great clear out is complete.

Happy new year!


  1. I did the wardrobe last week and have moved on the those weird bowls and boxes of 'stuff' that seems to have no purpose other than to accumulate and need bigger bowls and boxes to live in! Good luck!

  2. Another good option for all those dresses is actually wearing them! Pop on a frock before going on that beach stroll. It'll influence your state of mind and make the new routine even more of a treat.

  3. "Simple" is such a good way to live. Finding your own version of simple is the key. It's different for everyone, but such a clean, fuss-free life for all. x

  4. We cleared out when we moved at the start of the year - it was so great.... we don't need much at all really! xxx Happy New Year to you lovely lady xx

  5. Happy New Year Shannon!
    A de-clutter is good, I do it regularly. Am on my way to the web link now, I could do with more simplicity. Thanks :)

  6. Sigh...such a lovely idea. I agree totally with this in theory..the practical is the hard part.


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