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January 27, 2012

There's nothing like some time away from the noise and busy-ness of the city to remind you how good it feels to keep things simple.

Some lovely moments from my mid-week camping adventure:
  • Falling asleep to the sound of the rushing creek right next to our campground.
  • Waiting for the billy to boil for that first cup of tea for the day.
  • Sitting around the campfire at night telling jokes and stories and sharing random observations.
  • Staring up at an endless sky filled with twinkling stars.
  • Swaying back and forth in the hammock we strung between two trees, with a good book to keep me company.
  • Taking the longest time to get dinner ready & enjoying each moment of the process - building and lighting the campfire, chopping up the veggies, cooking on the fire, and then sharing the meal together.
Another good thing about camping trips is that they make me appreciate those things I have at home that often get taken for granted, such as a hot shower and comfy bed. Although it was hard to leave the bush today, I must say I am looking forward to curling up under my doona soon : )

Happy weekend xx


  1. Yay! So glad to hear that you had fun Shannon!
    Must say, am very jealous that you got to see all those stars! I was trying to walk away from all the city lights to get a better peek at them the other night, but the neons were everywhere! :S
    see you soon
    Cheray x

  2. I think you have a good reason to plan a weekend country roadtrip : ) The stars were so beautiful! See you soon : ) x


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