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January 13, 2012

Most people dream of having more space, myself included. But how much space do we need? And is it more about being efficient with the space that we have, rather than having more of it?

Last night I watched this video and was so inspired. I was dreaming of patchwork quilts made from vintage fabrics to put on my bed in the loft. Of pretty flowerpots on the front porch. Currently, most of my income pays for rent and all the bills involved in living in a house. How nice it would be to not have to worry about those things.

While I'm not ready to downsize to a tiny home just yet I am ready to start clearing out the things that I no longer need. This week I've been going through each cupboard and making piles of things to sell and things to giveaway to the local thrift shop. I now have a few empty cupboards in the house and I hope to keep it that way.

To keep me inspired, I've been collecting more images of beautiful yurts. If I was going to move to a tiny house it would definitely be a yurt : ) I love this one with it's external bath house.

{Images courtesy of Oasis Design}

For more information on tiny houses and downsizing visit here and here.


  1. After many 'clutter' clear outs, I realised that the only reason I was surrounded by clutter was because I accumluated it in the first place. Now it is the first thing I ask whenever I am planning on buying something: is this really just clutter in disguise? x

  2. Oh yes, I asked myself that question last night while shopping at IKEA : ) It's hard not to leave with half the store, but I stopped at one rug and a couple of picture frames : )

  3. Love yurts! So beautiful!

    Yeah, it is important to ask yourself if you really need something before you buy it. I'm not buying any new shizz at the moment, only food.

  4. My weakness is vintage stuff, I went to Camberwell market this morning (perhaps my first mistake!) and bought a couple of things. But I only spent $25 so I'm not being too hard on myself : )


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