simple living: the art of doing nothing

February 10, 2012

Phew! It's Friday! Another busy week winds to an end. Normally the weekend is time to relax, but somehow or another I have ended up with an enormous list of things to do. And my list keeps getting longer - within the next 6 weeks I will go to Sydney, Ballarat and Adelaide for Rabbit & the Duck events! I'm already in 'will I get everything done - what do I actually need to get done - have I already forgotten to do something important (like order fabric so I can make things to sell hehe). Add to that a few social events and some other commitments and I'm wondering if my next day off will be in April sometime.

Amongst all the busy-ness I sometimes forget to remind myself that it's ok (and necessary!) to have time where I do nothing. To just sit still and allow the mind and the body to slow down. This is easier said than done for me - usually my mind is going a million miles an hour and taking 5 or 10 minutes time out is just long enough for the 'I should be doing something productive' thoughts to creep in. But they say practice makes perfect, so I'm going to give doing nothing a try every day and see what happens.

To read more on the art of doing nothing, click over here.

PS. I love doing nothing while I'm in the middle of the bush, or at the beach, or watching a beautiful sunrise. How about you? How do you practice doing nothing?

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  1. oh, how i long to do nothing!! i've never been good at it and now i don't have the time even if i wanted to. honest! but i am finding time to do things that make me happy. and that's important too. :)


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