sunny day snapshots part 2

April 2, 2012

Another sunny day in Melbourne, I'm loving the beautiful warm days paired with cooler mornings and nights.

Today I thought I would share a couple of pictures from the rest of my home. The neat parts at least : ) The cabinet in the living room was a roadside find, can you believe someone was throwing it out? The armchair was another hard rubbish pickup, but I'm still not convinced I'm ok with the whole only-one-armrest design. There is a matching one just out of shot that has an armrest on the other side so you can put them together, but on their own I think they just look a bit.... weird. What do you think?

The second shot is from my bedroom (hm, obvious?). The little vintage Snoopy's were a gift from a friend many years ago. I'm also looking forward to using my hot water bottle when Winter comes. But I'm happy to wait a bit longer for that..... fingers crossed for a few more warm Autumn days before then.



  1. ... I looove it! I'm a side of the road girl myself, so I always love seeing other people's interior, who do the same thing! I actually really like the one armrest thingo, it's dfferent, quirky and makes conversation ... keep it I say!!!!
    Liz T :)

  2. Your sunny day snapshot looks just beautiful.

  3. I can't believe the cabinet or the chair were roadside finds - awesome! Yes, here's to a few more nice autumn days left in the season... xx


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