it's cold so cheer up with cushions

May 30, 2012

Winter will be here in a few days (brrrrr) but what better way to cheer oneself up than with a bit of redecorating. It's only taken me, oh, about 2 years, to get our range of cushions photographed and available for purchase online. 

The cushions are available as covers only to save you postage. But if you are like me and will leave the cover sitting at home indefinitely while you get around to buying an insert, then never fear, for I have listed some lovely plump inserts in the store also. I'll even stuff your cover for you, so all you have to do is unwrap your parcel, place the cushion in a cozy spot, and relax with a cup of tea. I'm very excited about our new inserts, they are made from 100% recycled drink bottles - every insert saves 30 bottles from landfill! 

This is just a small selection of the cushions available - for the full range please visit our Made It store.


  1. Those are lovely. I admire the proportions of print to plain. (I guess it also allows you to get six cushions out of a metre, perhaps!)

  2. Hi Jennie, yes, I'm always trying to get the least waste out of my fabric hehe, I can fit 3 cushions across the width of the fabric perfectly this way : )

  3. Hi, lovely cushion! What software are you using to edit your photos - they look great.

  4. Hi Emma,
    I'm such a novice at photo editing! Firstly I use Pixelmator, which is Mac's photo editing software. Then because I can't figure out how to do the last final erasing around the edges with that program, I finish them in Photoshop. I'm sure this is the long way to do it but at least I get there in the end : )

  5. Ah ha! So it was you that snapped up the last of the Ink & Spindle blossom print! I love that print & am so sad that it is discontinued.....maybe I'll have to buy one of your beautiful cushions!

  6. I love the blossom print too! The cushions are on sale for 40% off at the moment, just to tempt you : )


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