simple living: a story about a cat

May 18, 2012

On Sunday night I had a cat follow me home. I found him sitting in a garden in a public place, meowing loudly. I bent down to say hello and he came over and jumped on my lap - I then noticed how skinny he was, and that despite his affection he was in some distress. I went in search of some food and water and watched him eat it faster than I can eat a piece of cake (now that is saying something!). By now I was getting somewhat attached to the cat and could not leave him there, it was clear he was lost or abandoned. So with the help of a friend I boxed him up and took him home with me.

He was quite an inquisitive cat yet you could sense his confusion about what was going on. He meowed and meowed but every time I bent down to pat him he would stop, and start purring instead. He just needed some love, affection and some food to be content.

And it got me to thinking - humans and animals are not really that different in our basic needs. We both need somewhere warm to shelter, something in our bellies, and a bit of love and affection. When you look to nature, you will see that everything is provided for the natural world to keep doing what it's doing. The sun will always come. Rain will fall. Animals and plants will be born, live their life, and meet their death.

And so will we.

Now, if the universe, or God, or whatever you choose to call it, provides everything for the plants and the animals, then why not us? Why do we feel the need to complicate things, to endeavour for so much when in actual fact we really need so little? Have we have lost our belief in something greater than us, that collective 'energy' that always has our best interests at heart?

I have learned many lessons from the little black cat that came into my life this week.

Lesson 1: Have more faith that everything will be ok.
Lesson 2: I have everything I need right now to be happy in this present moment.
Lesson 3: I do not need to worry (so much) about the future.

Love sweet love banner by Victorian Station on Etsy

Perhaps the biggest lesson I've learnt is to show more love, not just to those people who are most important in my life, but to all living beings. We are more connected than we realise, and love is a wonderful thing that we have in endless supply, so why not share it as often as we can?

Happy weekend x

PS. For those wondering about the fate of the little black cat, I took him to the vet on Monday morning and through the wonders of technology (and micro-chipping) we contacted his owner who was very excited to know his cat had been found after 2 months of being away from home! I love a happy ending : )


  1. Great story & happy ending.
    We just need to trust in the universe that our needs will be met and also listen to the messages it is sending us.
    X Kerri-Vintage Sew and So

  2. i have a lump in my throat! great post. and i'm so happy that the little cat survived 2 months in the 'wild', and is safely back home. :)


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