sunny days and baked treats

June 2, 2012

It's amazing what a sunny day does to ones general mood. I feel happier, lighter, and more inspired. 

To celebrate this unusual burst of Winter sunshine I decided to bake a custard tart. It's currently cooling on the kitchen bench, it's my first attempt at gluten free pie crust but so far I'm happy with how things look. Well, perhaps not 100% happy with the crinkled tea towel in the photograph, but it's too nice a day to be inside ironing....

Have a lovely weekend wherever you are x


  1. Custard tart is myson's favourite. I need to make him one again soon! x

  2. oh wow, I want to make this. all these years of loving custard, and loving tarts, and I've never thought make a custard tart *facepalm


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