diary date: bowerbird bazaar

July 13, 2012

Oh boy, where does the year go? It seems like only yesterday that I made the drive from Melbourne to Adelaide for Bowerbird Bazaar, yet here we are, about to embark on yet another road trip.

I will have a hot thermos of tea, and cookies at the ready. I am looking forward to the wide open spaces of the countryside, and spending time at the really lovely warehouse I stayed in last time, which has a swing hanging from the rafters inside. Such fun : )

If you're in Adelaide next weekend, please do stop by and say hello, we've been busy making lots of pretty things and will also have 2 big baskets of sale items, the result of a recent studio clean up. Hooray!   


  1. Very excited to check out your store on Sunday!!! Have a safe drive over here :)

  2. Thanks Claire : ) I drove over today and am tucked up in bed with a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movie : ) See you on Sunday!


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