simple living: the greenhouse

September 1, 2012

Today is the first day of Spring, and soon it will be warm enough in Melbourne to venture outside without coats, scarves, gloves, hats, boots... you get the idea!

I am dreaming of spending more time in nature, and yesterday while 'researching' (um, another word could be procrastinating) I came across this unique house.

It was designed by architect Mickey Muennig and is a simple one room dwelling. There is a platform bed and an outdoor bath - two of my favourite things. And the views! Imagine waking up here everyday.

Mickey lived in this dwelling for 18 years, and it is now used as a studio space. Yes, I can totally imagine myself doing a bit of sewing in here : )

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  1. Wow this space is amazing. I would so live here too.

  2. Don't think I'd get anything done there ... I'd just want to look at that view!

  3. Hi Trudy, I know what you mean! I'd be hoping that by the time I lived somewhere like this there would be no mortgage and all I had to do in a day was some yoga, some reading, a bit of gardening, and some cooking : )

  4. what a beautiful space!
    i'd love to wake up to that every morning
    what a peaceful way to live

  5. It's gorgeous. Perhaps not so practical with my redheads complexion (my first thought was imagine the sunburns) but such a great space.


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