simple living: still on the topic of treehouses

April 27, 2012

Ooooo..... a secret treehouse in the woods of Canada! This treehouse was built on crown land and it's fate is now uncertain - visit The Hemloft to read the inspiring story behind the treehouse and to make suggestions as to what should happen next. 

finders keepers

April 22, 2012

We had such a lovely time at the Finders Keepers market, thank you to everyone who stopped by our stall to say hello, buy us cupcakes, purchase our products, or chat about random things. I forgot to bring my camera with me but the lovely Gemma from Jac Whippet was kind enough to send us these beautiful photographs she took of our stall. Thanks Gemma! 

All images courtesy of Gemma @ Jac Whippet.

Our next market event is coming up in May - you'll find us at Markit@FedSquare on Sunday May 27.

Happy Sunday x

simple living: treehouses

April 20, 2012

I was standing high up above the trees a couple of weeks ago at a lookout in Daylesford when my friend said to me 'you know, I've always wanted to live in a treehouse'. And it got me to thinking, that yes, that would be a pretty cool way to live. I'm not saying I'm giving up my obsession with yurts, I'm just considering all options : )

Anyhow, here are some inspiring tree houses that I've been dreaming about this week:

Image credits: Treehouse Workshop.

Source unknown - if you are the owner of this image please let me know!

And of course, I had to show you this one - a yurt in a tree! Perhaps this is the answer to all my life's questions....

cake it to the limit

We've spoken previously about my love of the Australian Women's Weekly Birthday Cake Book.
So you will understand my excitement when I discovered that my friend Felicity has taken on the challenge of baking every single cake from the book. One cake per week. A project that will take about 2 years to complete. Felicity is already a few weeks into the challenge and I'm impressed by the results - this is one serious baker, my friends.

Felicity's typewriter cake.

You can follow the cake baking progress on her blog Cake It To The Limit. It's perfect reading when paired with a cup of tea. And a piece of cake.

diary date: finders keepers next weekend!

April 15, 2012

The Finders Keepers market is back in Melbourne next weekend and we're excited to be having a stall there - along with our regular products we have been busy tidying up the studio and will have a few extra bits and pieces with us including a sale basket, some fabric scrap packs, some fat quarter pieces of both new and vintage fabrics, and if it will fit in my car, a suitcase full of vintage loveliness at bargain prices.

You'll find our stand at the very back of the hall, on the opposite side from the live music stage.

We hope you'll stop by and say hi : )

simple living: the woodland home

April 13, 2012

Wow! My love of simple, environmentally friendly homes grows every day.

sunny day snapshots part 2

April 2, 2012

Another sunny day in Melbourne, I'm loving the beautiful warm days paired with cooler mornings and nights.

Today I thought I would share a couple of pictures from the rest of my home. The neat parts at least : ) The cabinet in the living room was a roadside find, can you believe someone was throwing it out? The armchair was another hard rubbish pickup, but I'm still not convinced I'm ok with the whole only-one-armrest design. There is a matching one just out of shot that has an armrest on the other side so you can put them together, but on their own I think they just look a bit.... weird. What do you think?

The second shot is from my bedroom (hm, obvious?). The little vintage Snoopy's were a gift from a friend many years ago. I'm also looking forward to using my hot water bottle when Winter comes. But I'm happy to wait a bit longer for that..... fingers crossed for a few more warm Autumn days before then.


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