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October 31, 2012

Things are getting a bit hectic in the studio of late. There are lists being written, and for every item ticked off the list it seems another two are added. In about 7 weeks time I plan to be on the road heading to my new home in northern NSW. I think it hit me yesterday that yes, I am leaving Melbourne, and yes, there is a lot to do!

In the lead up to the move, I will be running down my fabric supplies and stock levels. Things will start to look a little different at Rabbit & the Duck next year, I have many ideas to take Rabbit & the Duck in a new direction, with new products and a new look. In the meantime, I have stocked up the online store with all the products still available. If you have had your eye on something now is the time to commit - once our current range of products has sold out they won't be replaced.

We also have lots of markets coming up, including a couple of events where we will be clearing out some of our fabric, vintage bits and pieces, and other random things. The first of these is The Fitzroy Market, on Saturday November 17. And on Sunday November 18, you'll find us at Suitcase Rummage in Thornbury.

I was just about to write 'Happy Tuesday' but then I realised it is Wednesday, where oh where are the days going?

finders keepers - this weekend!

October 15, 2012

We are in the final stages of getting ready for the Finders Keepers design market this Friday and Saturday. In addition to our regular range, we will have quite a bit of sale stock, fabric, and even a few display bits and pieces as we clear out the studio in preparation for our move. I'm even saying goodbye to some of my beloved vintage suitcases. That's how serious I am. 

See you there!

where my heart lies

October 9, 2012

As I sit to write this blog entry I am thinking about sunshine, warm days, the beauty of nature and the interesting paths that life can lead us down, if we keep our eyes open.

Last night I returned home from a short break up in northern NSW, my chance to enjoy some lazy days before the Christmas season descends upon me. It was a most magical journey, in so many ways. I met inspirational new friends. Spent my days walking through the forest, dipping my feet in the cool creek water, spying snakes and other wildlife in the bushes, fossicking for crystals in amongst the river stones, and gazing at beautiful mountain ranges. 

I have always loved this part of the world. I was so very fortunate on this trip to spend some time with a wonderful new friend on his property at the base of Mt Warning, just outside of Murwillumbah. There is something special about this place, it brings a sense of peace to the mind and joy to the heart. I've often thought I'd like to live in an area like this, one day, in the future, when all the stars and planets in all the universes aligned. Or something like that. 

Well, I am excited to say that the universe seems to be listening to me. In just a short while, much sooner than I hoped, I will be packing up my car with my favourite and most useful belongings, and heading north. If all goes to plan, on New Years Day I will be waking up in a new state, in new surroundings, with new adventures to look forward to. It will be sad to say goodbye to Melbourne but I'm ready for this next chapter.

In the meantime, I'd love to hear from you if you call the northern rivers region home. What are your favourite places to visit? Where do you find great organic food? What markets do you shop at? What are your secret getaway spots? I'd love to know!

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